200W 300W 500W Pulsed Platform Automatic Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Oil Paint Plating Remover


200W 300W 500W Pulse Type Fiber Laser Cleaner. Three-axis linkage
(customizable five-axis) uniform cleaning for removing adhesives or
coatings from the surface of objects. For rust paint oil plating removal.


Product Parameters: Model: DLC-200 DLC-300 DLC-500 Laser power: 200W 300W 500W Laser
wavelength: 1064±10nm Operating mode: Pulse Pulse width: 10-500ns
Modulation frequency: 1-4000kHz 1-1000kHz Cleaning
width:10-750mm(optional field lens:25Amm,330mm,A20mm,width up to 300mm)
Workbench size: 1200*1000mm XYZ stroke: 800*300*300mm Input voltage:
AC220V±10% Input power: 3kw 3.5kw 5kw Cooling method: Air cooling Water
cooling (Medium: Deionized water, distilled water or purified water) Water
tank capacity: 16L (14-15L of water to be added) Main unit size:
1200*1000*1700mm Package size: 1800*1400*1900mm Net weight: 460kg Features and Advantages: An instantaneous fuse is installed on the output side. Equipment safety is
guaranteed. Digital matching cleaning. The laser frequency, galvanometer,
and axis speed are matched, high efficiency, no blind spot. Consistent
energy with automatic focus control. Stable operation, uniform cleaning and
high gloss. Modular design. Stable performance and easy maintenance. 10
safety protection and early warning systems. Automated application, safe
and stable. Teching programming easy to operate. Facilitates batch cleaning
operations. Intelligent Three-axis Linkage (Customizable five-axis),
Flexible and convenient for complex cleaning scenes such as
three-dimensional curved surface cleaning. Digital Laser Control. Eight
different graphics to choose from to meet complex cleaning conditions.
Harsh Tests, Quality Assurance. Heavy dirt, Anti-interference, Vibration ,
High-temperature, Anti-reflection, Fatigue, Dustroof, High-humidity test.
High-speed Galvanometer System. Width up to 300*300mm fast scan speed,
uniform energy. Rich I/O Interfaces. Support modbus protocol, easy to
connect with other devices. Integrated Thickened Sheet Metal. All-round
protection, good heat dissipation. Application and Service: Digital control of laser parameters ensures no damage to the workpiece and
avoids heating and micro-melting. It is suitable for the cleaning of
coating, plating, oxidized layers, paint, oil etc. and is especially
suitable for the fine cleaning of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and
difficult-to-clean materials with high-temperature treatment. The surface
of the highly reflective material is not easy to clean, please consult
before placing an order. You are welcome to send samples for testing!