CO2 Laser Cutter – Model 1624


Precision built, user friendly software, generous work area make this model
an all in one answer to both small and large cutting and engraving

Machine manual:


Features: High-precision linear guides enhance the optical path’s stability
yielding tighter tolerances and engraved results. Our machines feature DSP
control systems, the fastest speeds, while the operator experience remains
clear and simple. Our cabinets are not fabricated in a “cookie cutter”
commune style factory. We manage every aspect of our machinery production
from cabinet to componentry. 16″ x 24 Work Area Standard Configuration: World redound RECI CO2 Laser Tube Industry leading RUIDA 6445G DSP Conrol
System Honeycomb work surface cover for support of smaller items Up and
down motorized work table movement of 6″ Robust mechanical chiller unit
insure long laser tube life with freshly circulating cooling water.
Provided air pump supplies the built in debris elimination nozzle. Robust
powerful reliable exhaust fan with supporting flexible ducting 1 Focal lens
3 mirrors Red Dot Beam Location Pointer Automatic, built in, Focus of laser
beam on work piece. Built in “Laser in Use” light tower Operator/ Machine
safety interlock Available Options: WIFI adapter – eliminate wire connections Rotary Axis for cylindrical
engraving Indoor air / exhaust filter machines Delivery Notes: Delivery cost included Delivery: 10 working days. TECHNICAL DETAILS